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Commercial Concrete Cleaning

Why choose NC Maintenance for your commercial concrete cleaning needs?

Aesthetic appeal is one of the greatest contributing factors when consumers choose a business to shop at or conduct business with. It is especially important to maintain a clean safe environment not only for your customers or clients, but for your employees as well. Concrete cleaning is not only aesthetically appealing, but offers a great way to reduce the risk of slip /fall injury and unwanted pests and vermin.

At NC Maintenance our professionally trained technicians ensure all dirt, debris, gum, and other unsightly stains are removed from your property safely and effectively.   Our team of professionally trained technicians assess each property and determine the best course of concrete cleaning.  We use multiple cleaning processes to ensure your property is cleaned and maintained to the highest standards.


Concrete Cleaning Vancouver British Columbia
Concrete Cleaning

Professional Results Require Professional Equipment

At NC Maintenace, we use only the latest most up to date professional cleaning equipment the industry offers.  Our hot water cleaning units heat the water up to 93°C, allowing our technicians to ensure we leave no trace of dirt, grime or gum.  Variable pressure wands allow our technicians to detail your proeprty without the risk of damaging concrete, pavers, and decorative concrete.  For properties that do not contain a dry-well or waste water runoff areas NC Maintenance uses water reclamation systems to ensure environmental law compliance.

Concrete Cleaning Vancouver British Columbia

 Restoration Services

Rust Removal

Are orange stains blighting your property? The culprit is rust, and it can be a formidable foe. NC Maintenance is equipped with the expertise, equipment, and strategy required to leave your commercial space free of stains — and most importantly, free of rust. Rust tends to materialize where you least expect it; it can appear on concrete and stairways, on furniture and even on walls. The stains are actually iron oxide, a compound caused by the interaction of iron, oxygen, and water. And the result is very stubborn.

The health and safety of your property is too precious to leave to chance. Embrace the best solution and enjoy a curb appeal-ready, secure, and rust-free place to business with NC Maintenance

Rust Removal Vancouver BC
Graffiti Removal Vancouver BC

Graffiti Removal

Graffiti is a form of vandalism that should not be tolerated on your property. While many graffiti vandals think they are leaving their mark what they are actually doing is decreasing the value of a property and damaging local businesses. Removing graffiti can be difficult to near impossible with basic cleaning supplies, so it is important to call in a professional to make sure the job is done right!

Removing graffiti quickly not only saves property value, but it also sends a strong message to local vandals that their acts will not be tolerated. It has actually been shown that repeat vandalism is less likely to occur when graffiti is expeditely remove.  Whether you have longstanding graffiti or were just recently attacked, NC Maintenance is here to help!

Types of Properties We Serve

Shopping Centers

Fast Food Dining Resturatunts

Family Dining Restaurants

Office Complexes

Apartments Complexes

Industrial Complexes

Hotels & Hospitality

Hospitals & Medical Facilities

Schools & Day Cares

Gas Stations


And many more!





NC Maintenance is here to help with all of your commercial power washing needs.

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