Are you in need of pressure washing in Vancouver? Using an experienced and professional company for the task is highly advised, for the reasons we point out below.

Specialized pressure washing equipment

The type of Vancouver pressure washing that is performed by an experienced company is different than a do it yourself approach, with the equipment being considerably different quality. In being more powerful, to remove the toughest dirt and grime, though safe enough not to strip an item of paint, it is the most efficient method available.

Hot water

Another way that a professional has the edge with Vancouver pressure washing, is that hot water is often used, as a way of breaking down the most stubborn stains. A residential pressure washer will only remove so much, whereas a professional will be able to take it to a much cleaner level.

Captured water

One potential issue when conducting pressure washing in Vancouver, is that you may end up with problems with the wash water surging into the nearby storm drains. A professional is able to effectively capture the run off water using a vacuum, limiting the effect that pressure washing may have on the nearby drainage system.


With a trained and experienced worker conducting the Vancouver pressure washing service, you can also be assured that it will be done in a far quicker time than if attempted yourself. This is especially true if you are planning to wash a larger area, such as a commercial property.


While conducting pressure washing in Vancouver by yourself might appear to be a cheaper option, when the cost of the equipment and lost time is factored in, using a professional can often be a more cost-effective option.

Additionally, you will likely need to spend two to three times longer in the process of pressure washing, to reach a result similar to a professional, taking up a much larger portion of your day than you may have bargained for.

Rounding up

Opting for a professional to engage in pressure washing in Vancouver is a smart idea, providing a much more thorough clean, that is also quicker, easier, and more cost-effective than doing the task on your own. The next time you need to conduct Vancouver pressure washing, why not give one of the trained professionals a call?